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It might be their largest strike: the band declined an invite to Woodstock and fractured in 1972, with California's previously unstable mental overall health ravaged by drug use.

hey if u say the backwards messages arent real they are. even the first data i have the first documents. and they say over that is documented that they sayCody - Defiance, Mo

see this song performed by "Rodrigo y Gabriela". following i noticed them masking it in this manner I'd a horrible attraction for gabriela i wish god makes me her Lover in next lifetimeZubin - Mumbai, India

This music is a couple of woman who accumulates cash, but finds out the tough way her lifestyle had no this means and won't get her into heaven. And its also about An important problem of all: Do we head over to Heaven? Hell? Or do we just rot in the ground? "oh it tends to make me ponder"Jacko - Atlanta, Ga

Led Zepplin became well-known when I still in high school and I was alternatively off put by their lyrics and their on stage persona...I liked rock n roll just as much as the following kid did, but their lyrics seemed overtly sexual in nature. At 16 I used to be even now a virgin and I found them being just a bit way too inside your experience.

To the many individuals who say that this song is some sort of Satanic chant, I've a recommendation for you...all of you kindly retreat to your bomb shelters, listen to some outdated Gospel recorded in a very graveyard in 1923, and watch your recorded reruns in the 700 Club, and cease trashing excellent music. Chad has it right...you can expect to only hear the Satanic information If you're explained to It is really there.

this track is way overhyped! for me, It really is respectable at finest. I really Will not determine what Absolutely everyone usually means when tehy say This is certainly the greatest music ever penned. it ranks about 542 on my 1,000 preferred music record.Joe - Bellingham, Wa

The piper: May very well be interpreted as the pied piper, the old german tale of the man employed by a city to get rid of rats that has a magical flute and if the city will not fork out him, he uses the flute on the youngsters! The people turn out believing he is definitely the Satan and all that and so on.

My Mate experienced this track performed at his funeral...it really is this type of emotional song....and led zeppelin sings it and that means you understand that can only make it improved =)Amber - Houston, Tx

I like the tune, but at just one level I imagined it'd be intimating another this means than the whole satanic matter and maybe just a little from the religious stuff. I think we can agree that "occasionally words have two meanins" refers to purchasing/bying. As she's either getting closer or purchasing the stairway to heaven. "by using a term she may get what she arrived for, she's buying what she arrived for. Now here is the stretch, Zepplelin weren't innocents, by which i indicate they most likely partied a little bit.

Its Unusual folks generally say you know grundge killed hair metallic and hair steel killed common rock and significant steel but consider it soon after hair steel killed typical rock and major steel it came back again sturdy quite powerful and now right after grundge killed hair steel it remains to be well known and all the ideal bands are touring so in my opinion one type of tunes has to esscentially die out just after awhile then return so to all those individuals who say there won't ever be A different band address everything like them agian just wait around you by no means know....Jasmine - Allentown, Pa

In this particular planet of duality, a totally free-will realm, you are able to move to The sunshine or faraway from the light, but Even though you've selected darkness, albeit Potentially unconsciously, you may often choose once again and switch again to the light.

There are a thousand meanings to this track and they can be all correct interpretations since it is mystical in nature, it is not a math issue which includes only one correct remedy. Listed here is among many various interpretations.

def in the very best ten of greatest tracks of all time, irrespective of your religious views. over a political comedy display in Australia, the crew that did the demonstrate executed "Stairway to Kevin" just ahead of Kevin Rudd was elected Key Minister. One of many funniest points I've seen in ages.Emma - Adelaide, Australia

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